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Posted: 02/14/2008
Author: Brett
Danger Level: Last Day On Earth
Current Rating: Not Rated Yet


Nobody makes it out of the circle of death… sober.


  • Approximately 4 beers per player (varies based on game play)
  • Table everyone can sit
  • Deck of playing cards



Set up-
Everyone one sits in a circle with their drink and one player is designated as the dealer.  All players must refer to them as “dealer of death”; if someone calls them another name they must take a 5 second drink penalty.



Game Play-
Once everyone is seated with their drink the dealer deals the first card to the player on their left. The dealer then continues dealing the cards out clockwise until they run out.  If at any time the card that was just dealt matches the card on either side in number or suit those cards become “active”, if a newly activated card now matches the card on either side of it in number or suit those cards also become active and so on; the players who are showing active cards must drink for a number of seconds equal to their card value (Aces count as 14 seconds, Kings 13, Queens 12 etc.).  This creates a “chain” effect.


For example if player 1 has an ace of spades, player 2 has a six of spades, player 4 has a six of diamonds, player 5 has a ten of diamonds and player 6 has a jack of clubs, and then player 3 is dealt a six of clubs then all of the players except for 6 would have to drink for the number of seconds showing on their card.  The logic would be the six of clubs makes player 2 and player 4’s sixes active, players 2’s six of spades matches suits with player 1’s ace of spades so it becomes active and player 4’s six of diamonds matches suits with player 5’s ten of diamonds so it becomes active.


The dealer of death is responsible for counting out the seconds, in the event the dealer is drinking the dealer must keep track by tapping the table until they finish.

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posted on 03/04/2009 by Ashland
this game is super cool who ever envented this game did great
posted on 03/04/2009 by Ashland
who ever innvinted this game needs to make more like this i love this and i rate it 10
posted on 03/04/2009 by Ashland
this game is the best game to play it gets you very drunk it cool how you get real drunk and i love this game alot it also cool where it says no one will make it out the circle .......sobor i played this game and it is true really i love this game more than any other game if you want to get drunk that
posted on 03/18/2009 by miley stewert
hey who invinted dis game it gets you drunk as a bitch!!!!!!!!!!! i was fucked up 4 2 days
posted on 03/18/2009 by miley stewert
what the fuck dis game rocks
posted on 03/28/2009 by jessi
thise is so funny i rate it 10
posted on 04/03/2009 by Rich
looks like ashland was playing this game a little too much on march 4th. that 3rd comment is awesome.
posted on 07/28/2009 by notoriousGONZO
yeah who whoever "invented" this needs a nobel peace prize! everytime i play this game i wake up in someone elses bed everytime! 10+
posted on 09/06/2009 by Cali_guy_559
I play this slightly different. Instead of dealing the cards, just lay them face down in a circle. One person picks a card then the next person picks and same suit/number rules apply. I've seen a 5 person chain go bad. One girl had 5 consecutive 8 second drinks. We had to stop because she had a massive drunken panic attack 10 min later. Too hilarious for words.
posted on 01/13/2010 by good guy
this game is fucking awesome every time i played i never knew what i did the rest of the night.
posted on 05/26/2010 by toolfreak
This is a badass game we played at my husband bday party and our friend had an excorsist puke fest it was fucking great!!!
posted on 05/26/2010 by Jeusonpot
This game is fucking AWSOME! i love it! gets you super fucked up!
posted on 12/30/2010 by waynegraphix
No...what you do is fan out the cards in a circle, facedown, then everybody draws in order, number cards are how much you have to drink in seconds, face cards are special rule cards like rhymes, categories, placing thumb on table, social drink, waterfall etc
posted on 02/05/2011 by goody07911
yep. im trashed from dis shit. lol


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