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Posted: 02/14/2008
Author: Brett
Danger Level: Not That Bad
Current Rating: Not Rated Yet


If you thought this game was hard sober, just wait till you try it after a few beers.



Mark 6 Jenga pieces with each of the following rules:
  • Give 2 drinks
  • Give 1 drink
  • Take 1 drink
  • Take 2 drinks
  • Take 5 drinks
  • Finish your drink
  • Waterfall
  • Girls drink
  • Guys drink

We have gotten a lot of suggestions on alternate rules to put on the Jenga pieces. Here are some great ones that can make the game more interesting or risque:

  • Shun! - Nobody can talk to the person who draws this. If you do you have to take a sip. If you are the one shunned you have to try to make people talk to you
  • Remove an Article - Of clothing! Good to play with a mixed gender group and once you're loosened up with some booze it'll get frisky.
  • Drinking Buddy - Pick a partner. Every time one of you has to take a drink, you both drink.
  • Mystery Shot - Everyone else in the game creates a mystery shot for you to drink. Best to just not think about it and throw it back!
  • Make a rule - You make up a rule that lasts for the rest of the game. For example - "Every time you use the words drink, drank, or drunk you have to take a sip"
  • Truth or Dare - Like the game! Dares get fun when the buzz level kicks in.

Got more suggested rules? Submit them to us and we'll append!


The game follows the regular rules of Jenga. Each player takes a turn removing a block using only 1 hand. If the block is successfully removed, the rule on the block is followed. If the tower crashes, the player must finish their drink and then pick 3 blocks to follow.

You can also buy Drunken Jenga as a pre-made game with writing already on all of the pieces. There is no official version by the Jenga company, but there is a version known as Drunken Tower, also known as Drinking Tower. We suggest buying Drunken Tower by ICUP.

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posted on 05/11/2008 by sally
it's a good one until you get tipsi and then it's harder to play
posted on 06/24/2008 by TidyHo666
this game rocks, only when me and my roomates made a drunken jenga we used all of the peices and wrote other weird rules and shit that had to do with our apartment and the people in it. its alot more fun if you brainstorm for a while and think of different and or interesting crap to write on the jenga peices.
posted on 08/17/2008 by always_explicit
its awesome when you room mates are game for a little bit of nudity too. Instead of drink twice etc etc....try remove item instead hehe.


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