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Posted: 02/11/2008
Author: Brett
Danger Level: Hardcore Party Mode
Current Rating: 0.00

Ever dream of hitting the ball like A-Rod until you noticed your beer-gut getting in the way of your swing? Then this game's for you. Simple but requiring some skill with a quarter, you will go through plenty of pitchers (pardon the pun) with this baby.

1 Quarter
10 Cups
Plenty of beer

How to Play
Make 4 stacks of cups in a row, the first a single (1 cup), the second a double (2 cups), the third a triple (3 cups), and the fourth a home run (4 cups). Pour a corresponding amount of beer into each stack of cups. Each team goes through their rotation and tries to bounce the quarter into one of the stacks. If they make it, the other team drinks and refills the stack. If they miss, it counts as an out. Each team gets 3 outs an inning. Play as many innings as you like. "Runners" advance normally (i.e. if one member of a team hits a single, and the next member triples, it counts as a run.)

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posted on 04/06/2009 by pot master 420
the real way to play is like a race you set it up like normal baseball but seperate into teams of two people then race to make all three bases and then the homerun cup the losing team then drinks the homerun and all that is left......thats how you play baseball bitches
posted on 06/04/2009 by your shit is weak
no that isn't anything like baseball, you must be to stoned to realize that...

The only thing I have to add to the way baseball is written above is stealing bases. The base runner and a member of the opposite team play flip cup for the base, if the runner decides to steal. If the runner wins he is safe, if not then it is an out. (once the runner's cup leaves the table they have committed to the steal regardless).
posted on 03/22/2013 by mad_mikeser
420 thats more like a bastardized beer pong then baseball
i found it more fun and competitive if you keep 9 innings and the team with the most runs at the end wins but instead of the 1-4 set up it was a 4-1 making the one base row 4 cups and the home run 1 cup


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