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Posted: 02/22/2008
Author: Brett
Danger Level: Not That Bad
Current Rating: Not Rated Yet

This game is great to play in bars, you drink the tower and odds are you don’t have to pay!



  • One shot
  • One small mixed drink (ie. Gin and Tonic)
  • One large mixed drink (ie. Long Island)
  • One glass of wine
  • One glass of beer
  • A dice
  • Four cardboard coasters


Set up-
Stack the drinks on the bar with the beer on the bottom followed by the wine followed by the large mixed drink followed by the small mixed drink followed by the shot; use the coasters in between the drinks. Each player rolls the dice once; the player with the highest number goes first.


Game Play-

1. The first player rolls the dice, if the player gets a 6 then they consume the top drink (the shot to begin with) and pass the dice to their left.  If they roll any other number they pass the dice to their left.  This continues until someone rolls a 6 on the beer


Everyone must wait for the person to finish their drink before rolling continues (except for the beer).


2. After a player rolls a 6 on the beer they must pass the dice to their left and chug the beer.  While the chugger is finishing the beer the remaining players must take turns trying to roll a 6 before the chugger finishes their beer.  If any of the other players rolls a 6 before the chugger finishes the chugger must pay for the drinks.  If the chugger finishes before the players can roll a 6 then they must take turns rolling the dice (the last player to roll starts) until someone rolls a 6 and they must pay for the drinks.

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