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Posted: 06/15/2009
Author: Brett
Danger Level: Hardcore Party Mode
Current Rating: Not Rated Yet

Summary -

Fun never-ending drinking game for 4-6 people

Equipment -

  • 30 Cans of Beer
  • Quarters
  • 1 Bottle Hard Liquor
  • 1 Cup Per Player + 1 Additional Taller Cup

Set up -

Place the large cup in the middle, with a shot of the hard liquor in it. Place the other cups at regular intervals around the center cup. fill each cup up 1/2 way with beer, except the cup with the shot in it.


Game Play -

Choose a person to start. Bounce the quarter into any cup. The owner of the cup must drink their beer and someone else must refill the cup for them. You may not touch your cup in anticipation of your cup getting chosen. If it bounces in the middle cup, everyone downs their beer. Last person to finish their beer and put their cup down also drinks the shot in the middle. The only time you shoot more than once is if you make it in the middle cup.

This game only ends when you're too pissed drunk to keep your beer down!

To Win - Play every round from the start to win, wi! thout puking, passing out or wetting yourself.

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posted on 09/03/2009 by Danielle
this game is insane!! no joke.
posted on 11/08/2009 by robpunk
this is a game worth every minet!
posted on 04/19/2010 by rosie
love it its da best i got crunked....


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