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Posted: 10/03/2010
Author: Apollo
Danger Level: Not That Bad
Current Rating: Not Rated Yet

Summary -

Fun new game to play with quarters. Not too much drinking at first but as you progress some interesting comradery and alliances develop.

Equipment -
  • Quarter
  • A Table to spin the quarter on
  • Two Shot Glasses (I personally like these heavy ones)
  • Lots of Beer Cans
Set up -

This game is best played on a smooth, bare table/counter top with a good amount of space. Players circle the table or counter top and take turns in a clockwise fashion.

How to setup landmines drinking game.

Game Play -

The first player takes the quarter and spins it on the table. While the quarter is spinning, the player must then take both shots of beer with the same hand they spun the quarter and then pick up the quarter before it stops spinning also with the original hand (*hint* in order to get a good spin hold the top of the quarter and flick one end of it to get a tight, long lasting spin.) Now where the game gets really interesting is when the land mines come into play.

Basically any beer that has been finished by a player at the table becomes their own land mine. By using these land mines, you can smash a person's quarter mid spin causing them to have to down their remaining shot(s) and restart their turn; not to mention that once that land mine is used that beer remains in the spot it was used for the remainder of the game.

So now it becomes a constant obstacle that a spinner must try and avoid. The quarter is allowed to come in contact with a land mine but it will be difficult to keep the quarter spinning after contact with the mine.

The beauty of the game is the secret and open alliances that form. The strategic element makes you balance heavy drinking, selective aggression and subtle propaganda. Basically the faster you drink, the more "artillery" you build. The game ends when the table, AKA the map, gets so riddled with empty beer cans that you can no longer play (this is known as the nuclear fallout).

Note, if a player gets stuck on their turn (which will inevitably happen especially later in the game) they do have a buyout option to pass their turn on in exchange of the penalty of downing one full beer.

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posted on 05/26/2011 by michaela
i love it


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