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Posted: 08/24/2011
Author: Benny
Danger Level: Semi-Serious Drinker
Current Rating: Not Rated Yet

Summary -

I had totally forgot about this game which is strange because I used to play it all the time. Three Man is a simple game to play with dice so you can carry it to the party in your pocket. There's also not too many rules but it can still result in people getting messed up as the rules that do exist toss a bunch of beer around!

Equipment -
  • Table to play on
  • Two Dice
  • Loads of Beer
Set up -

Everyone just sits in a circular fashion around the table. The game goes in a clockwise direction.

Game Play -

To start the game, with just one dice the first person rolls. If the dice lands on 3, then that person is the three man. If it doesn't, the person to the left goes and so on until someone gets a 3. Once a three man is chosen, the next person starts using 2 dice. You roll the dice and depending on what lands different things happen:
  • Roll a 3: Three Man Drinks
  • Roll a 7: Person to the right takes a drink
  • Roll an 11: Person to the left takes a drink
  • Roll a 9: Social
  • Roll doubles: You pass out the die. You can give both to 1 person or divide them amongst 2 people. Either way whoever gets the dice rolls them. You have to drink whatever number is on the dice you rolled. However, if both dice comes out to a double (for instance 2 4's), the person who passed out the dice has to drink that total.
  • Either dice is a 3: Three Man Drinks
Yes you saw it right, anytime you roll the dice and either of the dice is a 3, the 3-man drinks. If you roll any combination of dice that's not on the list above, you pass it to the next person. If you DO make one of the combinations above then you keep rolling. The only way the 3-man gets out of drinking is by rolling a 3 on his or her turn! So if your interest is staying sober we suggest NOT becoming three man.

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posted on 12/26/2012 by Thesin
Original rules:
3 three-man drinks
1+2 three-man drinks twice
7 to the right
11 to the left
10 social...everyone drinks
double are a bit more complicated then described.
for simplicity lets just say only 1 person is given the doubles.
they roll ...if they do not beat the roll..they drink what they roll
if they roll doubles that are equal or less then the original roll..they roll again and drink triple what they roll..unless they roll double again..then quadruple ..etc
if the do manage to beat the doubles on their first roll the dice go back to the original roller
and they drink what they roll...unless doubles..then follow the same steps as above.

same thing for 2 rollers except high dice ends up drinking.


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