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Posted: 08/24/2011
Author: Craigers'r'us
Danger Level: Game Your Parents Play
Current Rating: Not Rated Yet

Summary -

Give and Take is the type of game to play when you're already pretty sauced up. This is because it's less about drinking and more about people embarrassing themselves or saying truths they normally wouldn't if they were sober. So I don't recommend playing this at the beginning of the night as it might make things awkward!

Equipment -
  • Table to play on
  • Deck of cards
  • A drink for each person
Set up -

Shuffle the playing cards. Pass out four cards to each person face up. Now you make two rows of 6 cards, face down. Designate one row as the truth or take side and the other as the give and dare side.

For drinking purposes both rows from right to left increase by 2 drinks as follows: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, full beer. (with the number implying seconds to drink)

Game Play -

Starting with the truth or take pile flip over the card designated for two drinks. Whoever has this card has the option of taking the 2 seconds or answering a truth question agreed upon by the rest of the playing group. If no one has the card a card replacement from the left over deck is necessary. Now if two people have the card it goes to a battle of rock, paper, scissors. The loser drinking and the winner having the choice of truth or taking the 2 second drink.

Then the game alternates to the dare and give side. If a player has a card matching the card in the row, they may give the designated amount of drinks and then receives a dare from the person/people that the drinks were given to. Same rules apply as stated above if multiple people have the same card or if no one has that particular card that was flipped.

Aces Rule: If you receive an ace in the initial dividing of cards you are able to make a drinking rule. If an ace is flipped from one of the rows, the person with the most amount of that suit between their 4 cards will get to make the rule. If it is a tie of course, a rock, paper, scissors battle will ensue. Loser drinks, winner makes the rule. In both situations a card from the left over deck is used to replace the ace.

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posted on 03/11/2013 by Vacey
I think this game is going to be fun
posted on 05/25/2013 by she'schuck
What happens if the person won't accept the dare?


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